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Reunion Report of Antara

When Antara came to Mission Ashra, she was a 30-year-old woman suffering from mental illness. She was rescued by the police and brought to the centre. During her admission, her physical and mental condition did not allow her to answer any question, however the staff at Ashra provided immediate primary medical care to her. After 15 days, her health improved and her food intake became regular. With time she looked and felt better. Alternative therapies such as music and art therapy used on her, proved beneficial in treatment.
Antara was a child when her father passed away. Her mother and grandmother took care of her and her brother. Antara has received primary education and at the age of 15, she got married to her husband who owned a shop. Sadly, her marriage was not successful, her husband had an extra marital affair, and she was tortured by her in-laws for dowry. She was divorced by her husband when she was pregnant. It was at this time that she broke down with severe depression and started living in the street. Antara was very anxious and scared in her first meeting with our counsellor. In the second session she came forward for an interaction with our counsellor which helped the counsellor to get some information. In the third session, our counsellor noticed
positive changes and development in her physical and mental health. She spoke about herself and
her family.
After she came to Mission Ashra, with the aid of proper counselling, psychiatric medicine, medical treatment and alternative therapies, she got better within two months. She actively took part in the co-curricular activities of the center and had a special interest in gardening and cooking. When it was time for her to leave for home, the centre contacted the area police to trace her family and reunited her with her mother. Antara’s mother cried tears of joy on getting her
daughter back.

Success Reunion story of Sakshi

Sakshi came to our child with her newborn child. She was a mother of 8 children. Her husband was a daily wage labourer, who did not love her or paid attention to her. The lack of love and warmth from her husband caused her depression. Her family began to worry since she started behaving ‘unusual’. They sent her to a mental hospital for treatment, but she left the hospital without any information.
Pregnant and alone, she was spotted by the Collector and DIstrict Magistrate office of Balangir. And She was rescued with the help of District Magistrate of Balangir, who found her wandering in the street with her child. She was not in a state to take care of her child and herself. After 20 days of observation, the counsellor called her for the first session and she kept numb. It was only in the third session that she started speaking. The counsellor noticed positive changes and development in her physical and mental health in that particular session. Sakshi engaged herself in making bamboo handicrafts and tailoring because she found peace in doing that.
During her stay in Ashra, her new born child was kept under care and protection for upto two years of her age. The child was then shifted to another project of People’s Forum, Aama Ghara, a Child Care Institution.
After it was confirmed that she was fit to be reunited, the counsellors reached out to the local police to trace the family. Her family was not ready to accept her in the beginning but they later did after successful intervention of the counsellors. Sakshi’s husband came to receive her along with their eldest son and daughter-in-law. It was a happy reunion for everyone at Mission Ashra.