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The work of Mission Ashra has been recognized, appreciated and honored a number of times at various platforms, both at state and national level. The awards listed below bears testimony to the work Mission Ashra have done in creating an impact to the society by working all the time with the people.

Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Award for the year 2005, 2012 (Hosted by The Central Social Welfare Board, Ministry of W & CD, Govt. of India)

Odisha Citizen Award, 2013 (Hosted by TATA Steel & O TV)

International Kumar Bhai Bhalla Manisha Samman, 2013 (Hosted by International Sovaniya Mahotsav, Jajpur, Odisha)

Besant Selfless Service Award, 2010 (Hosted by T.O.S, MAHABHARAT GROUP)

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